How To Prepare For Power Outages When The SHTF- After an economic collapse, the aging infrastructure of the electrical power grid is likely to get less and less maintenance repair and upgrades

After an economic collapse, the aging infrastructure of the electrical power grid is likely to get less and less maintenance, repair and upgrades. This means that an already stressed power grid is going to become less reliable and we will be more prone to having power outages and even rolling blackouts during times of peak demand.

Even if there is no actual economic collapse, we know that the economic situation has put a strain on all utilities and infrastructure, as there is less money to do the maintenance and repairs that are necessary.

So if we know that we have an aging electrical power grid that is increasingly susceptible to failure, and an economic collapse is on the horizon that could make the situation even worse, what can we do about it?

Instead of waiting for something to happen and then complaining that we are helpless victims, we can be proactive and take action to be prepared for what is coming. Let’s look at some alternatives to being a victim.

First of all, you can educate yourself about the alternative methods of providing power to your home during an outage. While purchasing an emergency backup portable generator is what most people think of doing, many people either don’t have the $500 to $800 to lay out for that purchase. In addition, storing gasoline may not be an option, especially if you live in the city and have a small lot, or worse yet, if you live in an apartment.

For a fraction of the cost of a generator, you can get a small solar power system from a store like Harbor Freight that will at least supply you with light when the power goes out. Unlike flashlights, this system will last you indefinitely, as you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.

Another thing you can do is purchase a small, indoor-safe propane heater in case the power goes out in the winter and you are without heat. You must be careful, as most heaters that rely on combustion are not safe for use in a closed environment, as they give off deadly carbon monoxide. However, there are a few units, and Coleman makes one, that are safe for use in the home.

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