The Surprising Link Between National Security Courses, Counter Terrorism Training And The Economy

When discussing matters of national security, the economy is hardly ever a topic which is raised, except to say that the cost of defending our country is too high. With billions of dollars a year spent on branches of the government which are responsible for the safety of every American, defense and national security are definitely huge portions of the country’s yearly budget. However, it appears as if that money is indeed being spent wisely. Of course there are areas of the Department of Defense and other agencies which have some superfluous spending, but when one examines the overall spending on homeland security, we’re still coming out on top. A study conducted by Steven Weber and John Zysman out of the University of California, Berkeley, examined the economic impact of security treaties in Europe. What they found is that proactively protecting the United States is actually less expensive than dealing with prolonged security concerns. In other words, it’s cheaper to fix a problem before it becomes a problem, rather than trying to fix a leak in a dam.

With this piece of revealing information in hand, it is clear that the United States must ensure that it continues to be ahead of the game when it comes to defending the homeland. A pivotal piece of this puzzle is the training of new individuals who can become part of this solution. There must be an open stream of funds available for those who wish to peruse national security courses and/or counter terrorism training. Those students, the next generation of America’s defenders, will herald the way, not only for continual safety of the homeland, but economic stability as well. To this point, the United States military has done a very good job at protecting the continental United States from attack. With the number of enemies worldwide, the number of attempts and the amount of animosity towards the U.S. in the world, having the events of September 11th as the only major glaring failure is remarkable to say the least.

A continued and sustained monetary effort to support national security courses and counter terrorism training is one of the main keys to success of national security going forward into the future. America has always had a strong educational lineage and so it is no surprise that when it comes to teaching national security courses and counter terrorism training, there are numerous institutions which excel at this task. In addition to the merely the financial support offered by the government, more of the reputable academic institutions need to branch out into this specific area of study, bolstering their faculty with time-tested and experienced individuals whose expertise can be passed to the newest generation. Doing so, even though it will take an initial financial investment, will prove to make the nation safer and save money in the long-term. Very few things in life are truly considered a, “win-win” situation, but when it comes to the investment in our national security, there are only benefits to be found.

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