Economic Collapse: Possible Triggers and What To Do

It’s not just Preppers and Survivalists that are worried these days. More and more people are seeing the signs that some major disaster could strike the US and are starting to make serious preparations.

Some of the more likely scenarios are a credit crunch or massive debt default that causes banks to close for a “bank holiday” or causes a run on the banks. When people can’t get to their money, they panic. This has happened time and again all over the world and the US is not immune.

Another event that could cause an economic collapse is something happening overseas. If the problems in Europe, Japan, and China get worse, then more money will flood to the US dollar and that could actually be a bad thing. If everyone wants US dollars for some reason, that will cause inflation and the price of groceries will skyrocket.

A hyperinflation scenario took Argentina, one of the world’s biggest exporters of agricultural products, from a major economic powerhouse to the brink of destruction just 10 years ago. During the 1980’s, the Argentine middle class actually was wealthier than the American middle class. This was no banana republic.

An economic collapse could also be triggered by China, who decides it wants to retake the island of Taiwan, or flex its muscles showing its almost total control of the Rare Earth market, which our technology manufacturing is dependent on.

Regardless of the cause of an economic collapse, if history is any indication, it will happen suddenly and many people will be caught off guard. Those who are not prepared will panic and looting and rioting is almost guaranteed.

Preparing for an economic collapse involves ensuring that you have what you need in your home to survive for a few weeks without having to go out and stand in lines at a grocery store, hoping that you can get food before they run out. It also involves thinking through many scenarios where it can catch you off guard.

Probably the worst time for the economic collapse to hit is when you are away from your home. If you are at work or commuting or a host of other places, civil unrest may prevent you from getting home right away. So it is critical that you have supplies in your car so that you are never caught off guard.

The deranged threats coming from the Biden White House!

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  1. Inflation is at 40-year highs because the Federal Reserve punched quantitative easing (money-from-nothing) into overdrive during the Biden regime. This, and pointless sanctions against Russia and China ensure the global demand for dollars is less, not more, as evidenced by Saudi Arabia’s willingness to now settle oil transactions in other currencies. This latter action has effectively killed off the petrodollar. From 40-year highs expect to see 400-year highs in short order. Every single country that suffered hyperinflation throughout history always assumed it, “could never happen here”.


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