When Will It Be the End of the World? (The idea behind this form of social collapse is that the economy completely crashing will lead to a breakdown of our society’s structure.)

People who appreciate the earth and everything we stand for can appreciate questions regarding the earth and its people and specifically the question, “When will it be the end of the world?” This life-altering question has been relavent from the beginning of recorded history and is a crucial question for Preppers and a prepper’s mindset and how they prepare for the inevitable disaster.

As preppers, we can see the “end of the world” as a predicament through which we will be brought into a survival situation and in which we will be forced to put our preparations and planning into motion. While this may not be the end of the world physically in the minds of many preppers, this is rather the end of the world and society in which we live and are accustom… and would obviously alter the way that we all live. For this reason, it is important for the prepared prepper to study what elements they believe to be the main factors that could cause the end of the world and plan accordingly for this event.

Many preppers are thinking at this time that the end of the world will come as a result of the unstable state of the economic and political situations in the United States and around the world, specifically in Europe. Specifically preppers look at the uneven nature of the economy as a contributing factor for their preparations. The idea behind this form of social collapse is that the economy completely crashing will lead to a breakdown of our society’s structure.

Other, possibly more pessimistic preppers, believe that the end of the world’s way of life as we know it will come as a result of a natural, or astronomical happenings. These fears can hypothetically result from a variety of sources from an ice age to hurricanes and fires to floods. Each person’s personal fears fuel how they choose to prepare for these planned disasters. You can view other posts in this site regarding information and methods on how to prepare for these individual situations.

Many people will want to know how to use this information in their lives… Even if you as the reader do not understand or truly believe many of the notions that lead disaster preppers to take such precautions as to prepare for such events, you can still use the information given to us by these people. You can apply this information by preparing for noted unexpected events, big or small, to protect yourself and those who you love. You cam do this by preparing stocks of supplies and information in the event of these unexpected events taking place.

You can choose to prepare for specific events usually based on your surroundings and your frame of mind. An example of how you can prepare based on your surroundings is to look at the most likely natural disasters in your area and prepare yourself accordingly. As an example, if you live on the southern coast of the United States, you would prepare for hurricanes, in the Midwest-tornadoes, West-Earthquakes. In addition, you can prepare for economic collapse by being financially pessimistic with your resources and not expecting and relying entirely on one investment or income source. Hopefully with all of this information, the answer to the question, “When will it be the End of the World?” will be a welcome unexpected event, but one to which we can hope for the best while living a life of fulfillment and courage.

During a SHTF situation, pain could become an annoyance for some, but unbearable for others.

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