Living Off Grid – How To Live Off Grid By Using Renewable Energy

Just because your house cannot be connected to a major power line does not mean that you have to spend your days in darkness and without power. Living off grid connections makes power accessibility a concern for some Americans, but each year breakthroughs in solar powered technology allow homeowners and property managers to live comfortably with the usual electrical hookups required for everyday life. Whether you need a full house, a mobile recreational vehicle, a basic cabin, or even as little as a light bulb for a tool shed to be connected to a power source, there is a solution for you without having to resort to a high frequency grid network.

As little as a decade ago, solar power was considered far too expensive for ordinary houses to rely upon for anything more than decorative purposes. Since then, however, consolidation of paneling and electrical frequencies has caused a technological revolution and an explosion in popularity of the greatest renewable resource — energy from the sun. While solar panels are still very expensive — thousands of dollars for a single unit — they have a far higher efficiency that allows a few panels to provide full power to a standard household. Indeed, it is not uncommon for families living in low cloud cover areas to rely entirely on solar power, saving thousands of dollars in utilities each year. Solar panels can begin to pay for themselves in only a few years time!

Of course, the corollary to all solar panels is the degree of light which a unit receives on a daily basis. While cities in the Midwest like Kansas City, Houston, or Denver may enjoy as many as three hundred cloud free days each year, it is understandably less practical to purchase solar powering in cities such as Boston, Miami, or Seattle. The best means for living off grid connections in a city where solar power is not practical is to turn to another means of powering. For many parts of the country, wind energy is just as practical (and affordable) as solar.

Wind power, like solar, has received such benefits in the recent years that has increased the efficiency of living off grid sources with a wind hookup. A major wind turbine may be required for a larger household — the cost of which is substantial, but individual turbines can be rented by multiple tenants and share the price burden — but for a smaller cabin or basic plug in, a turbine the size of a two story building may be all that is required. Wind turbines require a large amount of maintenance, however, as owners must frequently oil the blades to reduce friction.

Green power has become a major trend in recent years, allowing ecologically conscious property owners to provide all their power needs through a renewable, clean, emissions free source. Living off grid connections may be difficult and expensive at first, but immediately begins to pay dividends and likely will end up paying for itself after a short period of time.

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