“America Will Be A Free Nation Once Again”

America is the last free standing country with their own guns for personal defense and protection including the ability to hunt and fish.

This is how important the 2nd amendment is. If America falls the entire world will fall.

Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people. Remember any person, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, skin colour, sexuality, education, mood, mental health any hangry person can use a knife, a car, a bus even a set of Tweezerman tweezers to kill a person, anyone of them could do the trick. BUT they want your guns. The never ending gun control gimmick. Perfectly fine to have cops, military and government to be armed – but not the citizens?

“Ban assault weapons? Well, cars kill more people than guns do. But we blame the drivers. We don’t ban large or fast cars. We understand that cars, like guns, don’t act by themselves. The blame lies with the people who operate these mechanical devices. Common sense 101.” Dinesh D’Souza

“When this election is over, I will be the President of the United States. You will be vindicated & proud, and the thugs & criminals who are corrupting our justice system will be defeated, discredited and totally disgraced.” President Trump

You Can Not Tell the People You Must Show The People – Who Is The Lion? Who Are The Jackals? President Trump says, “WHO WHO WHO”

Bill Maher Says, “Indicting Trump Would Be ‘Colossal Mistake’ and ‘Rocket fuel’ for His Candidacy” – Indicting Trump wont’ make the billions given to China by Biden go away and fake Trump arrest photos: How to spot an AI-generated image.

Oh wait!!! What’s this?

OUTRAGE–TRUMP INDICTED—”Left Dems Want to Make Trump a Political Prisoner!”

Review of President Trump in Waco, TX

Defying Precedent, Florida Moves Towards Death Penalty for Child Rapists

President Trump on Hannity re: Ron DeSantis – Ron DeSantis’ donors and allies question if he’s ready for 2024 – President Trump: He’s not! Crowd Erupts in Cheers When Matt Gaetz Tells Ron DeSantis to Endorse President Trump 2024

Liz Harrington – As The Awakening Continues, MAGA Continues to Grow. Why I’m Endorsing Donald Trump for President in 2024.

AOC says she’s against banning TikTok because “it just doesn’t feel right.” #NoAnonAboveAnother #DontFollowStarsCreateThem

“Starlink will save lives.” Elon Musk

Fake Trump arrest photos: How to spot an AI-generated image #SocialConditioning #PreparingThePublic

Guess Who Controls China? #JewWorldOrder

IRS is a FRAUD – GASP – There Is No LAW That Says We Have To Pay Tax On Our Labour – NO LAW – NONE – Like they never isolated any virus. None, not ever – There are no mandates. NONE – No law – there is no Queen. No queen. Only drag queens. There are 2 genders.

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  1. Remember how anti gun and pro GAY traitor MIGA fake RINO swamp thing Trump is. Passed bump stock ban just reversed thank God. Pushed commie red flag laws with princess incest Ivanka the converted perverted Jewess kabbalist P0S now working with slob Schwab polishing his tiny widdle knob with demented Donny daddy’s fawning approval. Told Diane Fineswine to take guns first and pass laws later. His mentor was Gaywad Roy Cohn. Serves our slimy satanic putrid P0S enemy Israel not US just like Biden.


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