Neighborhood Defense- You need to establish more then a one on one defense in order to survival the hordes of evil doers that will be around when the balloon goes up!

It doesn’t matter where you call home you need to establish more then a one on one defense in order to survival the hordes of evil doers that will be around when the balloon goes up. Naturally, we should be up on how to defend our own areas but a well organized neighborhood could make life a bit lease stressful during times of crisis. I personally would feel better if my family were in a community where if I am out on patrol others will be watching out for them. Plans such as these would be much better then dragging them with me into the wilderness to survey the situation. Last year I had pondered the possibility of establishing an emergency retreat in a gated resort location. This idea appeared very appealing to me until I actually went to visit the location and discovered that the danger during an emergency could likely be from within.

In a quickly deteriorating scenario your best chances for survival will be with a community of like minded people rather than as an individual. It has been said that even Rambo from movie fame has to sleep. It is simply impossible for one person to hunt, guard, scrounge and build shelters at the same time and unfortunately all these tasks will need to be accomplished. I personally feel that the community neighborhood will allow the group to see the best means of defense in any type of major crisis. I would suggest that you get out and talk to your neighbors and discuss this concept with them. Don’t wait until things start to happen as that’s when its too late. People will be suspicious of others when the balloon goes up.

Get together with your neighbors and teach them how to organize for disasters. Show them how to put food away in food storage in the event of an emergency and what supplies they should have available.

There are several ways of looking at this issue. First you may wish to keep the group small and include only three or four families in it. Naturally, operational security would be an important issue regardless of which way you decide to go. Problems will be massive such as how to draw like minded people together into a working community without permitting the crazies from knowing all your secrets? It may sound difficult but it really isn’t. You can accomplish this task by the use of “Cell” recruitments. Suppose that you have four friends which you feel can be completely trusted and are interested in networking. They in turn will recruit three or four additional people. If these recruits are couples then that will give you at least two dozen people in your group. That number is small enough for some people and easy enough to provide supplies and food for while providing for an increased labor force as well.

Another alternative approach you could take is to look at teams of perhaps four and create five separate teams. Think of it in the sense of you will actually have more eyes to see what is going on and more weapons for a better defense which ultimately equates to more security. You would need to establish a dedicated inner core of team leaders. Make certain to utilize all the available skills as they would benefit the team as a whole. Ensure that all ideas or plans are never left to be decided by a solo individual but rather discussed within the group’s leadership itself.

Maintaining your group small may be acceptable however remember that a larger membership of people would be superior from a defensive standpoint. More people simply mean more of everything including food, clothing and yes weapons.

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