Economic Collapse Is Coming: Here’s How to Prepare

Surviving an economic collapse is increasingly becoming the hot topic of the day, from Fox News to YouTube. While investment portfolios are the normal focus of most people discussing things like inflation and stock market crashes, an economic collapse changes the paradigm completely.

Instead of wondering which investment might yield an additional percentage point or two of yield, preparing for an economic collapse focuses on feeding your family when millions of people’s life-savings are wiped out.

There are three things to think about when you consider how to prepare for an economic collapse, like what Argentina suffered in 2001.

Below are the 3 ways to survive this impending collapse:

1) Hard Assets Are The Only Safe Investment

During an economic collapse, paper assets like stocks and bonds quickly lose value and selling them off to make ends meet is near-impossible. Since nobody knows what is happening and how long it will take to all shake out, the stock and bond markets become black holes that you can’t count on.

For this reason, hard assets like precious metals (coins and bullion that you actually possess, instead of “certificates” and shares in mutual funds) become extremely valuable.

These can become the only truly valuable liquid currency, as the dollar will lose value on a daily basis. Having at least some gold and silver coins, like American Eagles, is just common sense.

2) Food Storage Is A Great Investment With No Risk

If you have a pantry bursting at the seams with 6 or 8 weeks’ worth of food, you are very wise. Food inflation is over 8% and it makes sense to have some of your money in the form of food instead of in the bank earning perhaps 0.25% interest.

If the economic collapse causes bank closures, your money will not be accessible for a time. The food in your pantry is as good as gold. And the best part is that if nothing ever happens, you’ll eat it anyway!

3) The “New Normal” Will Be What You Have To Plan For

Lessons from post-collapse Argentina are many. People who had previously been upper middle class executives had to find work as drivers, shuttling people in their minivans.

This is where it will be very important to make sure you have a marketable skill to fall back on. A person who can sew to repair clothes, as people will be able to buy fewer new clothes, or a man who knows basic plumbing or electrical work will be able to find jobs to get by.

Making do by repairing things will be the new normal. The days of ‘just throw it out and get a new one’ will be over. Life gets more complicated, as public services and utilities become less reliable. Rolling blackouts and power outages become more coomplace.

The other thing to concern yourself with during an economic collapse is that at any time civil unrest and food riots can break out and it may be unsafe to be on the streets for a time.

For that reason, have an emergency preparedness kit in your car so that if things go south when you are away from your home, you can hunker down where you are and get by until it is safe to get home.

If society collapses, you can bet that the foods the pioneers ate will become dietary staples

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