Conspiracy Theories of FEMA Camps Considered

Well, I guess you have heard the big fat conspiracy theory on the FEMA prison camps by now. It seems some late night talk shows, Glenn Beck, and others are all in when it comes to promoting a NAZI Germany like plot against Americans by the “new world order” or Bilderbergers, or the One World Government, Masons, Skull and Bones, or maybe it’s the Trilateral Commission this time? Who knows how far the conspiracy theories might take this nonsense?

Anyway not long ago, someone emailed me to tell ask me if I’d heard anything about the “pending martial law and government round up of civilians to FEMA camp,” and he admitted it sounded a bit crazy, but he was wondering what the deal was since the topic often makes it into the main stream media now and again. Okay so, let’s have a realistic talk and dialogue about all this, and let’s discuss this without all the conspiracy theories running out of control okay? Good, let me give you my take on this.

Well, it is the government’s job to protect the American People. So, they need to plan for multiple potential eventualities, including major catastrophes, bio-weapon attack, influenza strains that overwhelm the nation, a mega-Methane burp, an asteroid hitting the earth, a nuclear terrorist strike, or any number of such scenarios, right?

You see, if there are major disruptions, civil war, etc. the country must continue, so the unthinkable has to be planned for just in case. I am not a conspiracy theorist really. I have seen all sorts of YouTube videos on this, listened to some late night talk shows, received a few emails, etc. Most of the evidence I’ve seen doesn’t leads me to believe that if anyone is out “to cause” such a “martial law” event to that degree.

It really isn’t healthy mentally speaking to succumb to conspiracy theories so easily. And even if it were a potential eventuality, America would not go quietly if forced into camps like this. We have some pretty tough folks here, don’t underestimate the American Gene, it’s quite accomplished, diversified, and strong. If anyone were to attempt such a thing, they are the ones who should fear, not the people. Certainly not anyone in this nation, and any enemy of this nation, well, they quite frankly don’t know who they are fucking with.;-)

Besides that; I am here, so you have nothing to fear.

“Believe in Self, trust self, and adapt or die,” there is no reason to worry about such things.

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