Urban Survival Techniques: Driving During Civil Unrest / Social Chaos (It may just be that crime rises due to a financial crisis, or it could be full-blown social unrest and riots that we face.)

One of the most vulnerable situations we face is when we are driving, and during a time of economic collapse when crime skyrockets, we must know some basic urban survival techniques so that we don’t become victims.

It may just be that crime rises due to a financial crisis, or it could be full-blown social unrest and riots that we face. Regardless, people driving in their cars tend to feel a lot more safe than they really are. They forget that windows can be broken and the road can be blocked very easily.

Rule #1: You Can Drive On A Flat Tire

Very often, criminals will put nails out in the road so that when you stop to deal with your flat tire, they can come out from hiding and surprise you. The fact is that if you get a flat tire in a neighborhood or situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should trust your instinct.

You can keep driving on a flat tire and, though it might be very noisy and the tire will be ruined, the cost of the tire is much less than what you lose getting beaten or robbed. The worst case scenario is that the wheel also needs to be replaced, but again, trust your instincts and just keep driving out of there.

Rule #2: Don’t Get Out Of The Car

A common trick is a bumper tap at a stop sign or red light. You get out to look at your rear bumper and the man standing on the corner “waiting for the bus” seizes the opportunity to jump in your car and drive off. You’ve been carjacked and don’t even realize that the car that tapped you in the rear was driven by the accomplice.

If you have a minor accident, stay in the vehicle, ready to drive off if need be. Have your cell phone in your hand and keep the car running.

Rule #3: Don’t Get Blocked In

Another common way criminals can get you at a stop light is by having a car in front and behind you. If you always leave at least half a car length in front of you, you will have more time to react and pull out and gun it. Don’t worry about hitting the car; just worry about getting trapped.

If you follow these three rules, you will be safer driving during the aftermath of an economic collapse with skyrocketing crime and times of civil unrest / riots. The other base you should cover is realizing that you may not be able to get home right away, and should have some basic supplies in your car to enable you to get by until you can get home…

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