The World Trade Center on 9/11- Is it really too late for the American people to awaken to what really happened on 9/11, and to do something about it?

The absolute certainty that powerful nano-thermite (weapons-grade thermite) explosives were used in the controlled demolition of World Trade Center (WTC) Towers I and II, and WTC Building 7, makes me wonder why tens-of-millions of intelligent American citizens haven’t already maddeningly marched on Washington, D.C, threateningly demanding the truth about 9/11 from the federal government. After significant amounts of nano-thermite residue were found, by investigative physicists, contained in the dust, rubble, and debris of the three collapsed WTC Buildings, those professionals who were genuinely concerned about correctly placing blame for the debacle were given little notice as their conclusions were maligned by the media.

In the wake of that utterly repugnant 571 page book of lies, “The Report of the 9/11 Commission,” all Americans should be indignantly shouting to high-heaven about the deceit that went into publishing that ridiculous fabrication of what supposedly happened on that awful day in September 2001. That tome, published at an expense of nearly 20 million dollars of federal tax money, was very similar to the utterly inane 26-volume “Warren Commission Report” on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, wherein a pitifully lame excuse for a federal investigation ensued for a very short time to falsely conclude that JFK was killed by a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, with the use of a “magic” bullet.” The explanation for that “magic” bullet totally defied truth and common sense when it, the bullet, was explained sophistically in 3 volumes of that 26-volume “Warren Commission Report” with the use of incomprehensible fuzzy nuclear physics math. And that was in the face of over a dozen pedestrian witnesses to the assassination on November 22, 1963 reporting that they heard gun-shots coming from places other than where Oswald had supposedly been shooting. After New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison had proved beyond a reasonable doubt, in a 1968 New Orleans trial against conspiracy defendant Clay Shaw, that a federal conspiracy was the basis of the assassination of JFK, Garrison was viciously vilified and demeaned by the federal government and the mainstream media for over five years. Then, later, in a subsequent independent congressional investigation of the JFK assassination, from 1976-79, Congress declared, in 1979, that a federal conspiracy (where two or more people are involved in the planning and perpetration of a crime) had, indeed, been responsible for the killing of President Kennedy. But that’s as far as the congressional investigation had gone, just to declare that a federal conspiracy had occurred. For some ludicrous reason Congress had decided not to pursue the assignment of blame, to punish the perpetrators. I wonder why? A terrible conspiracy had been formulated by the. U.S. military, the CIA, and the FBI to kill an American president in order to ensure that that President did not stop the war in Vietnam, which he surely sure would have done in 1964. And 9/11 was orchestrated to propel the American republic into invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq for sinister political purposes, and to diminish the alienable liberties and freedoms afforded to all Americans by the Bill of Rights.

The incontrovertible evidence witnessed by millions of adult Americans on national television and the Internet on 9/11, the free-fall collapse of the WTC Towers 1 and 2, and WTC Building 7, clearly proved, in the face of ridiculous federal denials, that a complex federal conspiracy was the basis for the murders of over 3,000 innocent human beings on 9/11. But it was very different from the Kennedy conspiracy, and the subsequent killing of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby on national television. You see, the free-fall collapse of the WTC buildings was, in and of itself, solid forensic evidence, as it was scientifically impossible for such to happen without the use of powerful explosives. Millions of people were also television witnesses to the fact that Ruby killed Oswald, but most of them incorrectly thought, as it had been planned, that the assassination of JFK was not connected in any way to the Oswald murder. Most of them thought that a distraught and outraged American, Ruby, had killed Oswald for personal reasons.

The most compelling fact about 9/11, to show that it was a federal conspiracy, was the long involved clandestine process it took to prepare the WTC Towers and Building 7 for controlled demolition. This planting of explosives must of happened over a period of many months, while people, like you and me, were entering and leaving the buildings, not suspecting a thing. When you watch all three of the huge buildings collapse at free-fall speed, it’s quite obvious to the watcher that the buildings had to be very carefully prepared for controlled demolition, as all commercially imploded buildings are prepared to ensure that the controlled demolitions goes as planned. When the scientific basis for controlled demolition is clearly understood, the reasonable person has to take a step back and admit that, not only were the WTC Buildings deliberately imploded, but that the CIA, NSA, FBI, and Pentagon (the military) were the only agents of the federal government capable of covertly preparing the buildings for controlled implosion. It couldn’t have been done by foreign agents. In the most logical sense, the facts reveal that the CIA had an operations office on the 25th Floor of WTC Building 7 and that immediately prior to the collapse of Building 7, federal agents and technicians were seen evacuating the building, some running for their lives and heard by pedestrians to say that the entire building was “coming down.” If the Latin legal doctrine, res ipsa loquitor, (the thing speaks for itself) does not apply in this instance to establish that “only” the federal government could have been responsible for the collapse of the buildings, there is nothing else that could possibly explain why those three buildings collapsed at free-fall speed in a fashion identical to controlled demolition.

For a 47-story skyscraper, such as WTC Building 7, to collapse into its tracks at free-fall speed, every column, girder, and support engineered to maintain the structural integrity of such a building must, and I emphasize, must collapse at exactly the same moment. If, say, only one floor of a 47-story building doesn’t collapse in same manner as the other 46 floors, the building will not collapse at free-fall speed, and the entire implosion process will be impeded. Building 7 had only two of its floors affected by fire damage. That left 45 floors of the building totally undamaged, without any defects. So, how could Building 7 have collapsed at free-fall-speed in a manner identical to controlled demolition? It was scientifically impossible unless the building had been prepared for successful implosion with the use of nano-thermite explosive. And if you will notice, numerous floors of the twin towers were also totally unaffected by the crashes of the jet aircraft. Watch the videos of the crashes that are available on the Internet. In order for the Twin Towers to have collapsed as they did, in a manner identical to controlled demolition, every column supporting those two buildings had to give-way at the same time. Now, unless the girders and the steel reinforced columns of the Twin towers, which were engineered and built to resist collapse in the wake of crashes by large jet airliners, were coated with nano-thermite explosive, there was no way that the Towers could have collapsed the way they did, at free-fall speed.

The millions of witnesses who saw them collapse might have initially considered that the kerosene jet fuel fires were the reason (which was what the federal government had actually wanted them to perceive). Nonetheless, perhaps after serious reflection, a great deal of those intelligent people who saw what happened had said to themselves that such was impossible without a lot of planning, and without the use of powerful explosives. This is probably why the material evidence of loud secondary explosions, emanating from the three buildings and heard by NYC firefighters, police officers, and pedestrians, were excluded from the 9/11 investigation and the spurious “Report of the 9/11 Commission.” Yet, whoever had been involved in planning the conspiracy had ultimately failed to take into account the absurd scientific impossibility of the free-fall collapses, especially that of Building 7. Of course, they had counted on the fact that a nation, with such a large and diverse electorate as the United States, would not be able to come together effectively accuse the federal government of such a barbaric and heinous act without a great deal of dissent. This is because a large percent of an electorate, any electorate, don’t even want to entertain, even, the possibility of their federal government killing thousands of people in order to implement a foreign policy agenda. The millions of reasonable people who had finally realized that the WTC Buildings had been deliberately imploded had probably shaken their heads incredulously and thought to themselves, “What does it matter? Who will be able to prove it?” Of course, when the Nazis came to power in Germany in 1933, the subsequent Reichstag Building fire, covertly engineered and implemented by the Nazis through conspiracy, and successfully blamed on the communists by the Nazis, was probably considered in the same way by rank-and-file Germans as those millions of reasonable Americans who had realized that the U.S. government had been responsible for 9/11.

Most adult American citizens have been conditioned, during their lives, to remain privately encased in their own little worlds when it comes to expressing their opinions to each other about most everything. Even in small towns and communities where everyone supposedly knows everyone, neighbors, most people who have lived together with their houses side-by-side for decades, don’t really know their neighbors. Neighbors see each other behind closed windows and curtains get up in the mornings, leave for work, or remain at home; and they see each other, during the day, go outside to get in their cars to run errands, and they see each other return home in the evenings to go into their houses, to remain there until the next morning. It becomes an accepted routine not to get to know each other, in order to discuss important things about work, the government, the economy. If they speak to each other, it’s only an expected passing salutation that really has no meaning. A person, Joe, could have lost his job, declared bankruptcy, or had a death in the family, and Harry, two doors down, passes him on the sidewalk and says, “How’s it going?” Joe has a downcast look, but replies, “Okay, I guess,” as Harry expects him to respond. Harry has been living by Joe for seven years, but Harry has never been in Joe’s home, and Joe has never been in Harry’s home, nor have they spoken to each other for more than fifteen-seconds in passing. Unfortunately, less than 20 percent of the people in small towns, and large cities, know the people who live across, or down the road, from them well enough to carry on discussions with them about important matters.

So how do you think that most people responded to what they saw on television and the Internet on 9/11? When they saw the WTC Towers, and Building 7, collapse at free-fall speed, and suddenly realized that it just wasn’t possible under the conditions that apparently existed, did they rush out of their homes to talk to their neighbors about the probability of some sort of federal conspiracy, shouting, “That was scientifically impossible?” No, the majority of them remained encased in their private little worlds, keeping their thoughts to themselves. Furthermore, were discussion groups about 9/11 proposed by alarmed community watch associations? No! How many of the 485 U.S. congressmen, and congresswomen, and U.S. senators, saw the WTC Buildings collapse on television and the Internet? How many of them immediately proposed the formation of state and local discussion groups, and town councils to openly discuss what they had seen? None of them did anything! Another consideration that might enter into the equation is that rank-and-file American citizens don’t want to be regarded as unpatriotic when the, apparently, “honorable” federal government has declared its version of the facts as true and authoritative. This is another reason why Americans, who might have doubted the federal explanation for the collapse of the WTC buildings, didn’t say anything.

Richard Gage, an architect and current director of the organization known as “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth” saw what occurred at the World Trade Center, on 9/11, and had immediately realized that such was scientifically impossible, without controlled demolition. He had immediately contacted his network of professional associates, where cogent discussion ensued about had actually happened at the World Trade Center on 9/11, and at the Pentagon. Then, when the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) had published their report on the collapse of WTC Building 7, Richard Gage, and over 500 other distinguished architects, engineers, and physicists, confronted NIST with the facts showing that their report was federal hogwash and scientific hoax. Currently has over a thousand impeccable architects, engineers, and physical scientists petitioning the federal government, the perpetrator of 9/11, and the 50 state governors and legislatures for a re-investigation of 9/11, and for much more than what had ensued during the congressional re-investigation of the JFK assassination, from 1976-79, wherein Congress declared that a federal conspiracy had been responsible for the murder of John F. Kennedy, but did nothing about it. To hope for the fox (the federal government) to openly admit that he murdered the chickens (the 3,000+ victims of 9/11) is actually hoping for the impossible, for the feds to tell the absolute truth. For the state governments to come together to organize and fund a 9/11 re-investigation is much more feasibly probable. But with the political, military, and covert intelligence power that the federal Executive branch wields within the states, it’s very possible that the feds would try to derail such a vital re-investigation to save their own butts. That tyrannical power is what the Framers, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, had hoped would be completely diminished through the checks and balances installed into the federal rulebook, the U.S. Constitution. But when the U.S. Constitution has been systematically altered and compromised over the past 113 years to conform with the social, economic, and political agendas of wealthy pragmatic demagogues, who want ever-increasing power over the lives of the American people, most of the people have been conditioned, generation-by-generation as sheep, to follow the Judas goat into dictatorship. Is it really too late for the American people to awaken to what really happened on 9/11, and to do something about it? I hope not.

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  1. “It is not necessary to bury the truth, it is sufficient simply to delay it until no one cares.” Napoleon


  2. the jews need to be rounded up world wide
    isolated from the rest of the world
    then begin prosecution of the jews
    jail them for life,
    those that supported
    the terrorist state of israel placed into permeant indenturement


  3. In summer of 1968, Nelson Rockefeller ordered 2,500 exploding bolts for the test fire which would instantly unbolt the impacted exterior perimeter panels on the prototype WTC tower. This purchase was a special order purchase through the World Trade Center procurement office. Not theory. It was tested in November, and the Kellogg Corporation’s nuke demolition system used to take down the entire structure early 1969. Within two weeks, the Rothschild Insurance underwriters of Manhattan demanded tat the Kellogg system be installed or they would PERMANENTLY shut down the job. Not theory. Don’t argue against this or you will lose. I received daily notifications on the WTC project at the dinner table. I even guessed correctly where one COULD actually buy a total of 4,500 exploding bolts. Available at a price from NASA’s supplier. Not theory.


  4. I already left a reply more historically accurate and full of content than anything I have seen from other participants and builders.


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