The Eight Laws of Self Defense – What You Must Assume Every Time (With Illustrations)

According to It is widely accepted on principle that a person may protect themselves from harm under appropriate circumstances, even when that behavior would normally amount to a crime. In the United States’ legal system, each state allows a defendant to claim self-defense when accused of a violent crime. Federal law allows this, as well.

The specific rules pertaining to self-defense vary from one state to the next, however. This article addresses broad concepts that make up self-defense law in the U.S.

Below We Have The Eight Laws of Self Defense

1. Your assailant is armed.

Even though you may not see a weapon, doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. In low light conditions that punch may be a stab, how can you tell the difference? According to the Department of Justice Uniform Crime Report, in over 80% of criminals arrested in connection to a violent crime a weapon was present. You need to react in a way that takes armed and unarmed situations into consideration 100% of the time with the same technique.

2. Your assailant has intent and is capable of causing you harm.

Don’t hope that your attacker is not going to hurt you. Most predators will try to take EVERYTHING they can if given the chance. Never trust your attacker, no matter how persuasive they may be. Once you “let them in the door” you’re life is on their hands. In addition, most criminals are repeat offender, nearly 85% of them have spent some time in the criminal justice system.

You need to know exactly how to protect yourself against even the most hardened criminal.

3. There are multiple attackers.

Your attacker wants to stack the odds in his favor. More times than not he will have help. Unfortunately you won’t know they have accomplices until it’s too late. You’re attacker is smart, cunning and will do whatever it takes to win- you should do the same.

Everyone should know how to defend themselves against multiple attackers.

4. You will be attacked when you’re alone, injured, sick, or older.

Criminals like predators attack targets of opportunity. If you appear to be weak or distracted, you have a greater chance of being assaulted. You must prepare yourself for those times when you’ re not at your best. Techniques that require great strength and coordination won’t do you any good when you’re not at your peak.

The most effective techniques don’t require a lot of skill, training, strength or athletic ability.

5. Your attacker will be larger and stronger than you.

Tigers don’t eat other tigers. They choose smaller and weaker animals. Chances are your attacker will be larger and stronger than you. Professional athletes don’t get mugged, women and elderly people do. You need a method that will enable you to defeat a much larger, stronger, more skilled adversary.

How could a 120 pound woman knock a 220 pound man out cold?

6. You will be attacked in the worst possible environment.

The training room is nice, but its not reality. Outside there is pavement, rocks, tree stumps, snow, ice and sand. No matter where you are, inside or out, you can’t walk 10 feet in any direction without bumping or tripping over something. You must be able to move in a way that takes any and every possible environment into consideration.

7. The fight is never over!

Don’t assume because he’s down, he’s out. After the initial confrontation, when your adrenaline subsides, you are most vulnerable. While you’re admiring your handy work, he may be securing a weapon or his friends could be closing in. You must train in a way that prepares you to keep focus through the down time after the initial assault.

8. You will miss, a lot!

The problem with martial arts training is that you are lead to believe every shot is a kill shot, a broken bone or a knock out. While this can happen, there is a great chance you will slip, your attacker will slip and you will miss. It is imperative that you train with the attitude of “keep fighting until the threat has stopped”.

You should always keep going until the threat no longer exists. It doesn’t stop at a point or a tap out. Yes, you will be able to knock someone out with one blow (you learn that in the first module). But your training will prepare you to keep going, even when you miss.

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