What to Do If the SHTF in America (During the Great Depression 90 years ago, people starved to death in America!)

What do you do if the SHTF (“Sewage” Hits The Fan) in America due to an economic collapse, power grid failure, terrorist attack or a major natural disaster? The first thing is to realize that most living Americans have never really had it very tough for any length of time, so if there is an SHTF scenario, people will panic.

During the Great Depression 90 years ago, people starved to death in America, but we have gotten so used to having it so good, most people think that if they don’t have enough Christmas presents it is a catastrophe.

According to Wikipedia:

The Great Depression (1929–1939) was an economic shock that impacted most countries across the world. It was a period of economic depression that became evident after a major fall in stock prices in the United States. The economic contagion began around September and led to the Wall Street stock market crash of October 24 (Black Thursday). It was the longest, deepest, and most widespread depression of the 20th century.

If the SHTF happens, and people are worried about where they will get their next meal or how they will prevent the electricity from getting turned off, you can expect them to panic. The frightening thing is that desperate people will do desperate things.

Considering all this, and looking at the lessons from other economic collapses and similar SHTF scenarios in major countries over the last 20 years, it is wise to think about how you can become prepared to make it through with as little problems as possible.

The first rule of thumb is that you do NOT want to be in a position where you have to go stand in line for dwindling food supplies at the grocery store. This is when people who are panicked can turn into crazy Black Friday shoppers when they are worried about feeding their families.

The best way to avoid being in a potential food riot is if you have stored enough food in your pantry to make it a few weeks on non-perishables so that you can remain safely at home. Generally what happens is after the initial panic of a crisis subsides, people calm down and things return to either ‘normal’ or a ‘new normal.’ Either way, it is less volatile.

You can also prepare yourself by ensuring that no matter where you are, 24 hours a day, you will not be caught with your pants down. This means that you have some basic supplies stored in your vehicle so that you can ‘hunker down’ at work or wherever you may be until it is safe to get home when the SHTF in America.

A lot of things could keep you from getting safely home when you want, including a chemical spill that closes roads or neighborhoods, a power outage that prevents gas stations from pumping gas when you run out, or civil unrest. Whatever the reason, you are most vulnerable when you are away from the safety of your home where your supplies are.

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