How to Survive Riots, Looting and Civil Unrest When SHTF After the Coming Economic Collapse

We can see the signs of a coming economic collapse, but that does us no good whatsoever if we fail to act. No, we can’t prevent what is coming, but we can certainly prepare to minimize the pain when it all comes down.

When the government debt is no longer payable and the government checks can’t be covered or the money printing to make it all keep going causes hyperinflation, there will be a lot of civil unrest. Unhappy people who either aren’t getting their government checks or people who are unhappy that their government checks won’t go far enough as 5% becomes the monthly inflation rate instead of the annual inflation rate.

So if we have the benefit of foresight and we see it coming, just what can we do to survive when it all comes down? Let’s take a look at three specific things you can to do survive the riots and looting that will make the streets a very dangerous place to be when the economic collapse happens.

Be able to stay home

The safest place during a riot is in your home. Especially if you have taken measures to ‘fortify’ your home and make is safer, and if you have some means of self-defense, you won’t want to be anywhere else when there is civil unrest.

However, when an economic collapse happens, there are always reasons to be tempted to brave the danger outside – and it is almost always making a run to the store for supplies.

If you have had the wisdom to prepare, you will have 6 to 8 weeks’ worth of non-perishable items in your pantry to give you the insurance policy of being safe in your home.

Keep a low profile

If you haven’t been telling anyone and everyone about your predictions of economic collapse and how you are preparing by stockpiling food, then you are much better off. While you certainly do want to help others in need, you don’t want to have every neighbor on the block knocking down your door asking for a handout when things go south.

The less said, the better off you will be in your attempts to keep a low profile. Looters and burglars who decide that they will help themselves to the supplies of others will not have you on their radar if you have kept a low profile, since word gets around quickly these days with Facebook.

Be able to hunker down anywhere

Just as with my first point, having the luxury of staying in the safety of your home when there is civil unrest, you want to have the luxury of not having to risk taking to the streets to get home if things go south when you are at work.

Since we never know when something like this will happen and how it will unfold, having an emergency preparedness kit in your car is critical. We spend a lot of time away from home, and having some supplies with us only makes sense if we want to have the best chance possible of making it through periods of civil unrest unscathed.

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