If The US Dollar Collapses, Your Money Will be Useless- The Pitiable State Of The Economy Has Sparked Fear That The World Is to Face An Even Larger Economic Collapse In The Coming Year.

If it isn’t already, surviving economic collapse should be at the forefront of your mind. And with good reason; the pitiable state of the economy has sparked fear that the world is to face an even larger economic collapse in the coming year. We are truly in a precarious position. The moment the United States dollar experiences a weakening, and the value of basic commodities like oil, gold, and grain skyrocket, a lot of people will be scared for their own daily survival. But, is there still a way of surviving total economic collapse if this event were to take place? The good news is, the answer is yes. The bad news is, while every one of these tactics are absolutely achievable, most Americans will never take the care to implement them. For this reason most will either suffer terribly, or perish in the wake of this disaster. There are various survival skills, both physically and financially, which you can learn and implement now, in order for you and your family to survive in case there is a total economic meltdown.

Plan Ahead of Time

Surviving economic collapse is a planners game. One of the simplest, but greatest, ways of surviving economic collapse is to lay a plan out beforehand. List down all your assets and liabilities. How fast will you be able to pay out your debts and at the same time, buy your needed supplies? There should be no debt in your goals and you must also procure and store valuable assets. As much as possible, the preparation timetable on this needs to be brief and concise. All with a view at how soon you can get up to the barest minimum of survival supplies in the shortest amount of time. Beyond this it is also advisable to make a similar physical plan. Where will your family meet. What are your specific plans in case of natural disaster, fire, home intrusion etc. Run through these plans before hand and you will see that these will prove to be invaluable in the time of crises.

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Convert Liquid Savings

If the US dollar collapses, your money will be useless. In order for your savings to be safe, convert a portion of your savings to precious metals and other valuable commodities. Economic collapse survival will NOT be dependent on U.S. dollars. These commodities will become your safety net in these perilous times. These can be utilized as a means of currency or exchanged for valuable currency like Swiss francs in a time of crises. As the value of dollar decreases, silver, gold, and other precious metals will have their value preserved or or even increased dramatically. This means that even if there were another economic recession, or total collapse you would have a means of survival.

Buy the Necessities

Economic collapse survival will not be a problem if you buy your valuable goods beforehand. This will include guns for your personal protection and hunting, as well as basic supplies like food. Foodstuff like legumes and grains can be stored easily for long periods of time. You can also start investing in bottles and tablets for water purification and keep several water bottles handy in case a shortage happens. Basic survival preparedness information is readily available and can be found numerous places online.

Grow Your Food

Raising some animals and growing your own supplies of food will also be great, if you have the wherewithal to do it. This is not an undertaking for the faint of heart. Farming and crop growing is a laborious task with it’s own specialized skill set. Some easier animals to tend are Rabbits and chickens, as they are small and require considerably less work. The chickens can also give you eggs as well, which are a great source of fat and protein, that can be a critical nutritional factor in you surviving economic collapse. In case there will be economic downturns like a depression or double dip recession, producing your own food is an essential skill that you need to have.

Prepare Your First Aid Kit

For economic collapse survival to be possible, you must see to it that you prepare your first aid and sewing kits as well. These are as critical to your survival as similar practical necessities of daily living. These kits are great to have around the house. They are readily available and can be used both for your regular day to day bumps and bruises and for emergencies.

Know the Community You are In

Wherever you might be living, see to it that you know all your neighbors. In case there will be a collapse in the economy, your life will be revolving locally and for you to survive, you will need to work with others and this will start with other families in your area. In many cases in fact community will be the sole determining factor individuals perishing or prospering. And Lastly make a list, or refer back to this mini-tutorial frequently, so that you can be at the forefront of surviving economic collapse.

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  1. Just to be accurate, the “World” will not collapse and 87% of the world population and 70% of the world economy exist outside the “West”. Yes US and Europe will be screwed. Those colonies still tied to the US and UK will be screwed. The vast majority of people will say ‘Good Riddance, we are tired of being exploited and victims. The ‘western hegemony’ is over”.
    The independent BRICS+ with ALL the non-[US]-aligned states lining up to join will replace the UN and the western organisations. The European nations will be begging to join.

    Epic prophecy :

    “Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallised; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.” ~
    Edgar Cayce circa 1935


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