Without Rule of Law: Self Defense For Preppers Worried About Riots And Civil Unrest When The SHTF

Preppers have a term for the civil unrest and chaos that could follow an SHTF scenario, and it is “WROL.” WROL stands for “Without Rule of Law” and is the thing that survivalists prepare for especially. Images of ‘Mad Max’ come to mind, in a society where the society has broken down and it’s every man for himself.

However, what about all the places on the continuum that are this side of WROL, which are far more likely to be experienced? What about a scenario where the economy collapses or is on the verge of collapse and crime skyrockets, but we still have police trying their best to keep order?

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we all want to know how to stay safe, and only the young studs among us are naive enough to think that they can be vigilant enough with their stockpile of guns to not have to worry.

There are two main strategies that I advocate for wiser men to employ in order to stay safe when the SHTF happens and you realize that you can’t walk around with a gun in your hand 24/7.

Strategy 1: Gray Man

This strategy says that you want to blend in and not attract attention. You don’t want to be the person that someone would remember in a crowd. If you wear drab clothing instead of expense stuff from “The North Face” and avoid camouflage and cool tactical clothing, then nobody will think twice about you.

By not dressing to be a victim or advertising that you are a prepper that has expensive gear, you will avoid the two biggest mistakes that people make to attract bad guys who want to rob you of nice stuff.

Strategy 2: The Dummy Wallet

If you are ever confronted by a man (or men) who want your wallet, there is absolutely no reason not to give it to them except for your pride. Whatever you have in your wallet cannot possibly be worth the bruises and possibly stitches and a trip to the urgent care center that will almost certainly result from a fight: even if you win.

Above everything else, preppers want to be smart. They want to be prepared so that they have no regrets and maybe can even say “I told you so” after they are proven right with all their preps.

It isn’t really smart to get into a fight to defend a wallet. A trip to the emergency room will set you back at least the cost of your insurance deductible plus ruin your day, or much worse.

If you have your money and credit cards in your front pocket in a money clip and have some expired credit cards and store loyalty cards and maybe $30 in cash in your wallet, you can cheerfully give the bad guy your wallet knowing that you’re not out much and go happily on your way.

The dummy wallet trick is what separates the men from the boys. Boys want to be tough and win fights. Men want to be smart and win fights by never having to engage in them in the first place.

Now, if an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, what about preventing yourself from ever being caught without supplies and gear in case you are away from home when something strikes?

An emergency preparedness kit in your car trunk is worth a pound of cure and could even be worth your life, if it enables you to hunker down and stay put instead of risking a commute home when there is civil unrest and chaos and rioting in the streets.

How many of you believe that this country is plunging head-first into a state of revolution? How many of you believe that a planned currency collapse coupled with the implementation of a brutal martial law and gun confiscation will be the trigger events which will incite the coming revolution?

Americans will soon be forced into a guerrilla war of survival – Can America win against the globalist occupation forces?

If you have any dissatisfaction with my content, you can tell me here and I will fix the problem, because I care about every reader and even more so about your opinion!

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