A Food Invented By The Native Americans It Stored For 50 Years. Here’s Their Recipe

It was a food invented by the Native Americans, who depended on it when traveling on long and adventurous journeys when food was scarce, or when there simply wasn’t time to hunt and gather enough to eat. That was a lesson well-learned by many early European settlers, explorers and fur traders in North America.

Explorers through the ages have made a special food a staple in their diet that is high in calories and very rich in fat. So high in fat that it would make dietitians cringe, yet so nutritious that hard working men in arctic conditions have thrived on little else for many months without ill effect.

Just what is this magic food that keeps men fit and is so easy to make? The best survival food is pemmican.

Pemmican Ingredients
The Byrd and Ellsworth Antarctic expeditions lived on the following pemmican recipe for nearly six months under great physical hardship in very cold conditions. Learning how to make this kind of Pemmican as a survival food can be an excellent addition to your survival knowledge.

Food Item Percent Weight
Beef Suet 32.66
Whole Milk Powder 19.80
Dried Smoked Bacon 17.57
Powdered Beef Liver, Dehydrated 4.95
Granulated Dried Beef, Dehydrated 4.95
Tomato-Vegetable Concentrate, Dehydrated 4.95
Soy Bean Grits 4.95
Oatmeal, Quick Cooking 2.47
Pea Soup Powder, Dehydrated 2.47
Potatoes, Shredded, Blanched, Dehydrated 1.48
Granulated Bouillon .99
Brewer’s Yeast, type 50 B .99
Onion Salt .74
Paprika .37
Lemon Powder .37
Caraway Seed .25
Cayenne Pepper, Ground .025
Black Pepper, Ground .025

Directions to Make Pemmican
Slice the bacon to at least 1/8 inch thick and dice it. Render the bacon until it turns light brown in color and is moisture free. You can tell when the bacon is moisture free by observing when the foam disappears. Strain the fat from the bacon grits and set it aside.

Melt the beef suet, add the bacon fat, and mix well.

Next add and mix all the other pemmican ingredients in this order:
1) Whole milk powder, powdered beef liver, tomato-vegetable concentrate, pea soup powder, soy bean grits, brewers yeast, granulated bouillon, onion salt, and lemon powder.
2 )Next add the black pepper, cayenne pepper, caraway seed, and ground paprika
3) Lastly, add the quick cooking oatmeal, dried bacon grits, granulated dried beef, and the shredded potatoes.

Best Survival Food

Pemmican has served as the foundation for survival rations for generations. It stores well for extended periods of time and provides a very high calorie meal for a minimum of weight. Pemmican is proven. This makes pemmican one of the best survival foods you can make.

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