Food Shortages And Speculation Is The Next Offensive Against The Population!

Since 2000, many millions of Americans have endured a savage assault on their survival, their economic rights. Food prices are going up, as the Wall St. centered, investor community, motivated by the market collapse of 2007, are heavily invested in food commodities; it’s the last sector of the population’s economy that can be looted. Food has been added to the casino economy, food derivatives facilitate scarcity and speculation in the population’s food supply; allowing investors to make a killing.

To most of us, the struggle to feed ourselves seems remote now, although prices are going up, yet we are unaware 49 million Americans are near or going hungry; hunger in America is increasing as the poverty rate increases. The fact that one to two billions of people around the globe go hungry, will now be our shared national experience. There are many facets and factors operating this food offensive against humanity.

Goldman Sachs made more than $400 million dollars gambling in food prices in 2012, hundreds of millions of people went without food, starved. Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Goldman Sachs and others are taking advantage of the deregulation they engineered and foster; they create commodity derivative markets, financial instruments, investment products, etc., taking advantage of speculation, volatility and price spikes, impacting the survival of people who actually struggle to feed themselves and their families. The United States has passed legislation, not yet implemented, to control food speculation, as Goldman Sachs’ machinations in lobbying and court filed actions, has acted to impede the new regulations. Anti-Speculation in Food legislation is being proposed in the European Union, however it seems to have been tabled, due to the lobbying efforts of Goldman Sachs and company.

The efforts of the US Dept of Agriculture head, Secretary Tom Vilsack, the priorities of the Obama Administration, must be investigated for compliance with the USDA mission that supports the population’s standard of living and corrected, so that agriculture policy will facilitate the national security requirements, not Globalization. Sec. Villsack will deliver the February 7th keynote speech, at the 18th Annual National Ethanol Conference of the U.S. Renewable Fuels Association,(RFA), in Las Vegas, Nevada. RFA has applauded the USDA, and the Obama Administration for their “continuing investment in next generation biofuels” which means converting food crops into fuel biomass, prioritizing US consumption of food as fuel. This cannot be.

The purpose of agriculture, farms, and the food production industry, is to fulfill the national security obligations, that is to produce and distribute, safe, wholesome, food in abundance and protect the population from high food prices, food scarcity and starvation; this objective has been attacked by neo-Liberal Globalization that finds the optimum use for the national food capacity is in fuel and exportation, supporting the new Biobased Economy; as it is, at least 42% of the national corn crop is dedicated to the gas tank, not the family table. Food for Fuel is every bit an offensive against the population’s survival, decreasing food available for human consumption, while having farmers and even the US Navy shackled to this insane policy.

Monsanto, BASF, Syngenta, Dupont/Pioneer, et al are dedicating resources and research to the promise of maximized profits in biofuels, in the genetics of soy bean for diesel fuel and in corn for ethanol. Patents on food crops for biofuels are being filed.

Inadequate nutrition, less feed available, for animal livestock herds, impacted by the requirements of the Biobased Economy also reduce food production for humans.

Flooding, like that, brought on by Hurricane Issac, in the Louisiana area, and the worst drought since the 1950’s, has been a great impact on farm production, and livestock herds, especially in the southwest United States where the drought was most severe. In 40 states, the farm production loses to drought affects 80% of farms. The affected cattle, and other livestock, damage done to crops are incalculable here. This destruction to farms, crops and livestock, could have been minimized by maintaining the present water management infrastructure and additionally, Federal directed funding and labor to constructing the new modern water harvesting and distribution systems, throughout North America, as it is proposed in the new economy platform, the North American Water and Power Alliance, (NAWAPA 21). This project could employ 8 million Americans, lead to the creation of several more modernizing, economy platforms, while reversing the national economy crisis.

Usurious, Private Sector, finance of government, resulting in past austerity budgets at every level of government, which have been given cover by ‘conservative’ politics, and the narrow minded, short sighted, austerity being planned for the future, are also responsible for this lack of infrastructure in water management and agriculture policy. National Banking, funding projects through the national credit system, must be implemented as economy formation, to correct the money problem affecting so many government entities that are charged to support the population not corporatism.

National Farm Associations must find their forum(s) and communicate the crisis to America, political leadership, and work together with the support of the USDA to ensure that farm production levels will be pushed back up and maintained at normal production levels. Crop production, measured in tonnage, has already fallen, this decline has to be stopped. Farm land that suffered damage must be repaired and land set aside in Conservation Programs, must be released into farm production use, as soon as possible. National Banking facilities must fund the farmers repair costs and seed purchases for reseeding repaired land in use and seeding new land.

Millions of high paying jobs will lift the economy, out of the phony paper, bailout economy, to new heights we haven’t seen in a few generations. We have a great future ahead of us!

If you have any dissatisfaction with my content, you can tell me here and I will fix the problem, because I care about every reader and even more so about your opinion!

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