Growing the Economy Will Require a Change in Consumer, Government, and Business Behavior (This past year is an indication of years of continued economic turbulence yet to come.)

Over the past two decades the American community landscape has changed thanks to the large corporate stores. The local hardware stores, coffee shops, grocery stands and book stores have been replaced by gigantic outlets and super stores. This change has replaced your local business entrepreneur with the likes of HomeDepot, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Borders and many other similar outlets. Local business owners are the ones that kept the financial wealth they produced within the local community. This is no longer the case. As large corporations have taken over the American landscape, the earning power of local communities has shrunk.

These large companies received tax incentives with the lure of job creation and cheap imports, and supplied minimum wage jobs with little benefits. Followed by incentive from the greed of Wall Street bankers, selected oligarch regulators from the same industries insured that the real income of the working class was reduced. Consequently, the dream of consumerism was replaced by extending the ability for Americans to take on loans and credit financing that they could never afford in the first place.

American small business owners face two enemies, the corporate bankers that have reduced the ability for small business owners to obtain badly needed capital for investments, and at the same time the unethical marketing and deliberate miss information to average consumers to lure them to shop at these mega outlets by leveraging massive advertising to the benefit of corporate stores.

The impact of the above policy is now visible in the new landscape that has been created in America. Your grocer, bookstore, coffee shop and hardware store is now a vacant store front. The great local jobs are gone and replaced by disposable workforce that is given a minimum wage job with little benefits.

This past year is an indication of years of continued economic turbulence yet to come, followed by even greater divide of separation between the rich of Wall Street and the poor masses of Main Street if no action is taken. The fact is that these corporate stores have benefited at the detriment of American values, dreams and livelihood. Our leaders and government have been so generous to spend trillions of dollars to support bad business and corporate welfare state. It is now the responsibility of government and legislators to curtail the greed that has killed American entrepreneurship, getting the small business financing down. It is time for leaders to take action in supporting the renewal of American dream of entrepreneurship and pride in small business ownership.

Simply avoiding these outlets will not be sufficient to reverse years of bad public policy of local, state and federal agencies that helped incentivize the creation of these outlets. A real cohesive policy to level the playing field between big business and your local entrepreneur is needed. The burden of the trillions of dollars in added debt to the nation’s deficit cannot be paid on the backs of minimum wage laborers and small business owners. It must be shared by large corporations and mega stores that are the real culprits of the collapse of the American dream.

In order to pay back trillions of dollars of loan assumed by the US government, a tax must be imposed on wealthy corporations that have caused the current spiral in American economy. If big companies fail to treat the local community that they operate in fairly, as they did in the past decades, than it is the responsibility of the community to demand reparation and incentives to level the playing field. Simply imposing a 10% point of sales tax on companies that own and operate corporate stores with over 100 locations would be a great mechanism to stop the flow of wealth to Wall Street, and return folks to small and medium sized businesses. The proceeds from raised funds need to benefit three constituents: small business, communities and consumers that have been directly impacted by such companies.

The proceeds from such a tax need to be spent equitably on rebuilding the core of American dream and entrepreneurship, with a third of the proceeds benefiting government public health care option, since most of these companies fail to provide adequate health care to its employees. A third of sales tax proceeds should benefit small business loans and postponing interest payments and collection of all SBA loans for the next 3 years. The remaining third needs to be provided directly to the cities and counties that these businesses operate from to pay for local services that can improve the lives of folks within the community impacted by the presence of these corporate owned chains.

How many of you believe that this country is plunging head-first into a state of revolution? How many of you believe that a planned currency collapse coupled with the implementation of a brutal martial law and gun confiscation will be the trigger events which will incite the coming revolution?

Americans will soon be forced into a guerrilla war of survival – Can America win against the globalist occupation forces?

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