Civil War Emergency Survival (Various powers are busy figuring out how to dominate and destroy other world powers)

There are factions in the world today that are interested in achieving world supremacy. Various powers are busy figuring out how to dominate and destroy other world powers they clearly have no interest in securing peace for the world. Many nations are hiding nuclear arsenals, while others, such as Iran, are developing nuclear weapons while endeavoring to keep their plans secret from the other nations of the world.

Emergency Survival During A Civil War

With the use of nuclear weapons, a third world war breaking out is not that hard to imagine. However, while this is cause for concern for people, there is an unfortunate scenario of a more immediate nature that they should pay attention to.

This article is referring to the potential eruption of a civil war in almost any nation. It is a constant risk that people should study closely. This includes not just the church and world leaders, but everybody who cares about the security of their families and entire communities.

Wars are deadly, and a war between factions of the same country is no different. It can affect a good portion of the population, including children who are too young to take care of and protect themselves. Civil wars usually come with abuses on human rights by both civilians and the military.

A civil war always ends in tragedy, no matter where it occurs. Millions suffer in Ethiopia and Somalia. Some four million residents of Sudan were displaced, two million have died, and over 70 million Ethiopians are starving. Most recent, Ukraine has been in the news headlines. This is what civil war looks like.

Families must craft emergency survival plans regardless of the type of emergency. Rather than pin their hopes on the government helping them out, they should rely on themselves. This is how they will avoid experiencing suffering, death and separation in evacuation camps designated by the government.

Every family should think about enrolling in survival courses that include gun firing and self-defense lessons. With gun firing, it can be a kind of family activity. However, the kids need to be warned about the perils of handling firearms during normal situations.

It makes sense to prepare emergency first-aid kits containing basic medications for typical illnesses. For families with special disorders like asthma and diabetes, other maintenance and life-saving drugs should be added to the safety kits.

Residents of war-prone areas that are also vulnerable to other emergencies should pack special kits on top of the standard first-aid ones. These will be used for storing durable footwear for the family, an all-purpose knife, basic toiletries, maps and canned goods.

In preparing for a civil altercation, take only what is important, particularly the basic necessities. Wars often leave families displaced, forcing them to survive for weeks that could stretch into months, walking the roads in an effort to escape the violence.

Anticipating and getting ready for a civil war does not mean you want it to happen. You are simply seeing to it that the family has a better chance of surviving in case such a tragedy takes place. As the saying goes: better safe than sorry. That is just what civil war emergency survival seeks to accomplish.

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