Economic Collapse Survival Quiz For Would-Be Preppers And Survivalists

You don’t have to be a “Doomsday Prepper” to see that America is headed for some rough times, and learning how to prepare for an economic collapse makes sense. Take the following quiz and see how you measure up with preppers and survivalists.

1) If the cumulative inflation rate hits 100% for three years, then it is called what?

2) Name at least one country that has experienced hyperinflation in the last 100 years.

3) What kind of money is best to have during an economic collapse?

4) What causes food riots during economic collapse?

5) How are public services and utilities impacted by economic collapse?

6) What is the best way to pack dry foods in your food storage so that their shelf life is lengthened?

7) How long can wheat, oats and other dry foods last in your food storage and still be good?

8) How many drops of bleach are needed to purify a gallon of water?

9) Can water caught from your downspouts off the roof be considered safe to drink?

10) What is the best way to cook if there is a power outage and you have an electric stove?


1) Hyperinflation

2) Germany before WWII is the greatest example, although Zimbabwe, Argentina and Russia are more good examples

3) Precious metals and foreign currency (like the Swiss Franc, which is regarded as one of the most stable).

4) Panic and supply chain issues. It is almost never caused by actual food shortages in the country, but rather distribution problems and a “run” on the stores.

5) Repairs and maintenance get put off and this causes breakdowns and power outages to make utilities much less reliable.

6) In sealed mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, in 5 gallon buckets.

7) If sealed as mentioned above, the shelf life is 10-20 years.

8) Sixteen drops per gallon, unless the water is cloudy or the bleach is old.

9) No, rainwater running off the roof is contaminated by the asphalt shingles on most roofs.

10) By using your barbecue grill or a propane camping cook stove.

If you scored at least 8 points, then you are really learning how to prepare for an economic collapse, and you have what it takes to become a real prepper or survivalist.

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