How To Survive an EMP Attack – Top 5 Things You Must Do Now

The purpose of this article is not to freak you out, although that may be unavoidable. I’m going to touch on potential disasters and then zero in on how to survive an EMP attack, the mother of all disasters.

For those not up to speed about what an EMP is, let alone how to survive an EMP attack, then this article is for you. EMP, aka, electromagnetic pulse, is a very bad event. You’re awareness of this and steps taken prior to an EMP can and likely will dictate whether you and your loved ones survive. In short, my belief is, if you’re prepared to survive an EMP attack, you’ll likely make it through whatever else comes your way.

Think for a moment about all the things you depend on daily for comfort, convenience and even survival. Here is very partial list: refrigerated food and liquids, television, radio, lights, transportation (car, air, train, etc), the places you buy your food and anything else routinely full with inventory for you to browse and of course… your computer. The list supplied is intentionally abbreviated.

What do each of the things listed share in common? of course they share a few things in common but with respect to an EMP, everything listed above requires some form of electricity.

We all know about power failures. They’re a pain. But what if a third or half the United States lost all electrical power for at least 6 months? How would that happen? In simple terms if a rogue nation (North Korea for example) or a group (ISIS) were to somehow detonate a nuclear bomb at say 10,000 feet elevation this would create an electromagnetic pulse rendering all unprotected electrical circuits useless forever.

All of a sudden, you and everyone else affected by the EMP attack would be physically fine but thrown into an 1850’s society with no electricity. Within just a few days millions of people will start getting very thirsty and extremely hungry and maybe dangerously cold or hot. Within 10 days all heck starts to break out as people start to really go into “I need food and water mode”.

The first five things you need to survive an EMP attack are:

1) Purchase a functional and affordable survival plan. As the saying goes, you either plan to survive or you fail to plan.

2) Buy a water filter, then stock up on water.

3) Store food rations; freeze dried is ideal.

4) Insure you have shelter and warmth.

5) Develop a plan to defend yourself.

We can argue about the order of the items listed above or that maybe the list needs to be longer. But one thing everyone agrees on, without a well thought out plan, your chances of surviving an EMP attack for a few weeks let alone for months, drops big time. For the sake of you and all those you love and cherish, I urge you to take the basic steps to get prepared.

I’m not saying turn your life upside like those “prepper” shows on TV. Not at all. Get the knowledge you need and then take some basic steps to keep you and your loved ones safe just in case it all goes sideways. Because, after the EMP hits, you either have the knowledge and prep work done or you don’t.

If you’re stressed out by what’s going on in the world today, join the crowd… me too! Taking modest steps to be emergency ready actually lowers stress. Why? Because you have a plan. Regardless of the crisis, getting prepared now need not cost a ton or take countless hours of your time.

The latest news is shocking!!!

Experts predict that an EMP strike that wipes out electricity across the nation would ultimately lead to the demise of up to 90% of the population.

However, this figure begs an important question: if we were able to live thousands of years without even the concept of electricity, why would we suddenly all die without it?

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  1. The EMP stuff has been blown all out of proportion. I have a friend who spent his military careen and in private employ in the field of the study of EMP and subjecting various electronic devices and systems to varying levels of EMP. He subjected handheld transceiver radios to much stronger EMP fields than would ever occur from any kind of EMP attack and they survived just fine. The following is from a seminar he gave on the effects of EMP.

    Myth: All Electronics Within The HEMP Coverage Area Will Be Damaged
    Fact: Most likely not – it depends upon the “sensitivity” of the device(s) and proximity to the maximum field levels.

    HEMP and magnatic field strengths fall off quickly the further the distance from the burst center due to spherical dispersion (inverse square law, double the distance the strength falls of by a factor of four)

    Elecronics several hundred kilometers away will likely survive and be undamaged.

    Myth: Autos Are Very Susceptible To HEMP
    Fact: Modern automobiles surprisingly resilient to HEMP due to manufacturer’s attention due to potential electrical threats to car electronics (e.g., static discharge) voltage/current surges.
    Verified by extensive (100s) auto/truck test in HEMP level threat conditions.

    Myth: U.S. Military susceptible To HEMP
    Fact: U.S. Defense Department has been protecting critical systems/equipment against EMP for decades.
    Most time-urgent, command, control, communications and computer facilities operate through and survive a HEMP attack.


  2. yes the EMP scare tactic …. this is not legitimate
    you can review the Bomb damage assessment report for hiroshima and nagasaki to see that the electrical system was back up and running the day after in hiroshima
    never forget
    the enola gay which was 5.8 miles from the blast at the time of the blast flew home … with no failures of any of its electrical systems
    but wait there is more ….


  3. I don’t think anyone knows exactly what will survive and what won’t survive an emp.
    Regardless not much will survive a Class X CME from our sun. That’s a guarantee. When we get brushed by a solar flare, ones that are much weaker than class X , it disrupts communication. (It also causes the northern lights). However when we get hit by a class X directly, which is just a matter of time we will be back in the 1800’s. That’s fine with me actually lol. Living in the 1800 would be better than today I’m sure.


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